Beautiful and Professional

Event & Campaign Planning · Implementation is KEI PROMOTION

We launched a company with the concept of creating a workplace for women who can work women with peace of mind. The feature of Kay promotion is fine and smile! We also conduct training aimed at compliance such as comprehensive education / training system, instructional guidance and talking lesson. Our girl who is well-appointed and worryful, healthy girl gets a reputation that every job is diligent and the ability to deliver goods is also high. We are thinking that we would like to keep trying hard all day Keigirl to excite and support corporate events and campaigns, so thank you.


Haruka Okiyama

Yua Kinoshita



Ruri Takahashi

Haruka Kitou

Misaki Yasuoka

Maho Moriyama

Yuki Ishimoto

Akane Niikura

Saya Nakajima